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NTWA Competition July 2020 - RESULTS

By NTWA Office on 20/07/2020

Hi everyone 

It was so great to see lifters back on the platform today! This was only the second weightlifting competition held in Australia since COVID-19 (Tasmania beat us by a day) and it would not have been possible without everyone's willingness to stick to our COVID-19 safety plan. Thank you.  

We saw a lot of great lifting and the results are as follows:


1st Kelly Rau - 100kg total, SMF 167.818

2nd Darcy Elliston - 126kg total, SMF 167.094

3rd Valentina Cecchi - 118kg total, SMF 166.756


1st Andy Rideout - 200kg total, SMF 296.588

2nd Artem Li - 230kg total, SMF 254.851

3rd Carl Aleta - 132kg total, SMF 183.473

Results for the NTWA Competition held at CrossFit Darwin in July 2020.

In addition, Andy Rideout set 3 new Australian Masters records in the M81, 45-49 class with a 88kg snatch, a 112kg clean and jerk, and a 200kg total. 

Mickayla Perkins (Youth, W64),  Carl Aleta (Youth, M67) and Artem Li (U23, M102) all hit qualification totals for national championships in their respective categories. 

You can check out the full results including NT records and  PBs here:

Thank you to all the officials, bar loaders and spectators and to Kelly at CrossFit Darwin for the venue.

The next competition is on Sunday 13 September at CrossFit Palmerston. More details closer to the date.

See you on the platform!


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